House of Cards, Season 3: Meh.

Spoiler alert, maybe.

Francis Underwood
Francis Urquhart

Before I watched the US version of House of Cards on Netflix, I watched the British version*. The arcs of the first two seasons  were similar, similar enough that I feared how the American season 3 would end.

Underwood’s first season was a slam-bang ride, a politicial thriller with wit and Shakespearean undertones (as well as Richard III asides).  The second season lost some of the first season’s power, but kept me binging on into Season 3.  I wanted to love it; I was not impressed by the arc of season 3 and its finale.  The British version made a definite statement about the absolutes of ambition, loyalty and love: What would Elizabeth do for Francis? The American version swung into a predictable domestic drama: What does Claire want?.

Season 4?  I’m not so sure I’m watching.

* The British version appeared as three separate series, House of Cards, To Play The King, and The Final Cut.