Life in the big city

I love this neighborhood. Surrounded by busy commercial streets, but built to respect the nearby river. Today, on our afternoon constitutional, right at the end of the block….

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Whatever happened to the Laserjet Journal?

There was a time when there was one and I was an expert!

It’s been a long time trying to remember his name… Now a shout out to Scott Wald!  I remember when he was a young guy working for HP and starting up ASAP Software Express.

Apparently, you can still download the software.

The whole gamut

It turns out gamut is a medieval musical term.  Language! What can you say?

More Kitten Cuteness

The kittens, Tony The Tabby Tiger (Tony, for short) and Gray Bear (Bear, for short) are romping and running.

Kittens! Cute Kittens Alert!

This is the cat currently named Care Bear.  Friday, she was living in the kitten room at Treehouse. Today, she owns our house, though she prefers to hang in the family room.

Her co-adoptee, currently named Grendel, is too shy to be photographed. He’s either under the bed or in a back corner of the bedroom closet.  Occasionally a nose pops into view.  Update:  See below. Grendel has appeared.]