It’s an OUTRAGE!

hidingfaceI’ve been examining my reaction to emails and social media posts and I think I have a diagnosis: “Outrage Fatigue”. I am flat out tired of everything being an outrage, a precursor to the apocalypse, and the end of life as we know it.

Folks, don’t sweat the small stuff. We will get by.

And if you think your thing is bad, remember this: Winter is coming.

We will get by. We will survive.

There’s only room for 3 news stories

It appears that the news cycle can absorb only 3 news stories and, currently, it’s fully stocked.

1.  Of great national importance, it may start snowing in New York soon. Weather in New York is always of great national importance.

2.  Something happened with a football last weekend. I don’t understand exactly what, but I’m told it’s of existential importance. This is also a national story.

3.  In Chicago, Ernie Banks is still dead.

Should anything else happen, we’ll find out after the local elections in February.